so you can get back to what truly matters - being a less-stressed-out mama. 

Your no-stress SIMPLE meal planning and freezer meal prep system, with online support via weekly meal plans + grocery lists.

Single mom meal prep

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I’ve been there too. It can feel super overwhelming to do meal prep + planning, and it feels like there’s just TOO many options to choose from. Buying a pretty meal planner doesn’t work if you don’t have an effective system to use it, and those meal box services don’t always feel super friendly for kids or single income families, amirite?!

What you really need is the support to actually follow through on your desire to get more organized around meals. 

  • You wish you could feed your kids meals they’ll actually like
  • You wish you could stop resorting to ordering take-out or eating cereal because you’re too tired to cook. 
  • You wish you could plan your meals each week in less than 30 minutes and no stress
  • You want to be a less stressed out mama, who isn’t losing her mind while trying to cook a dinner every single night. 

You often find yourself thinking:

You’re working full time and juggling all the responsibilities of being a single parent + raising little humans. 

I see you over there mama:

I don’t do fluff. Your time is SO valuable as a single mama and I’m not here to waste any of it. I give you exactly what you need to be successful, so that you can spend less time planning and cooking meals each week and more time to be a mama and relax a bit!

A no-stress, SIMPLE meal planning and freezer meal prep system, with online support via weekly meal plans + grocery lists; so you can get back to what truly matters - being a less-stressed-out mama. 

What if I said there IS a way to get all those things you wish for?! 



It’s easy, simple to maintain, and better yet, I’m going to send you weekly emails queued up with: 

✨3 dinners, snack ideas and breakfast;
along with their recipes and a pre-made grocery list✨

Between this and the framework I’ll teach you, meal planning and making will be simple, even on those busy week nights after school and work. 

  • I’ll teach you how to do the freezer meal prep
  • Tutorial for the weekly meal plan system
  • Weekly emails with 3 dinners, breakfast, snack idea
  • Every other week I’ll send ideas for a transition day dinner (the day you get your kids back from your coparent), and a meal idea for feeding yourself during kid free weekends. 

here's what you get by joining the membership:

Single Mom Meal Prep is a better solution for you and your family. This gives you the flexibility to suit your meal plan to what YOUR family likes, and also gives you the tools to maintain your independence. It gives you the confidence to plan meals without it being a burden, and it still fits in your budget.  

The best part? You don’t have to be a professional cook to make yummy meals for your kids. You don’t have to be the most organized person on the block for this system to work. 


Let's be real for a minute, can we?


 I knew I needed to do something so that I could survive the season I was entering into. So, I fell back on what I did with my first pregnancy. I made freezer meals. 

And then I didn’t stop. 

Turns out - I’m REALLY good at planning and organizing. It wasn’t until almost two years later that I realized I had inadvertently created my own system for meal planning that allowed me to make meals that were nutritious, yummy, and didn’t take a lot of my time. 

Sharing my kids with their father really forced me to prioritize and re-evaulate my time, and I didn’t want to spend all my time cooking and planning and grocery shopping. 

So I figured out a way. And I'd love to teach it to you. 

It all started when I was pregnant and faced with the reality of being a single mom to an infant and a four year old and I had no idea what I was doing.

my why

bonus meals for kid free weekends

printables + templates

recipe bank

how to meal plan

freezer meal training

weekly email

Let's break this down! 

What's inside

You’re responsible for approximately 365 dinners a year. Let me plan 156 of them for you and teach you the framework for the rest of the week’s dinners, lunches, breakfast and snacks so you can focus on what matters most - being a mama. 

Raise your hand if you find yourself spending too much money on take-out because you don’t feel like cooking tonight? The Freezer Meal Prep System gives you your life back, so that you DON’T have to cook every night. As an added bonus, you won’t be blowing your budget on take-out in the process. 

This system is the secret sauce to having stress-free weeks surrounding your dinner plan! You already have a lot on your plate as a mama, so let’s not add more to our mental to-do list than we need to. 

I’ll teach you the easy process to figure out what your core freezer meals will be, and how to do it quarterly. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to say “I don’t feel like cooking tonight,” and can pull something YUMMY that you AND your kids will love to eat. 

Ideas, recipes, and checklists are included in this section! 

Part one: the freezer meal system

Planning your dinners, lunches, and breakfasts each week can feel like such a burden, amirite?! There’s an easy way to lighten this load, while still allowing for flexibility and variety each week! It’s a simple, easy pattern to follow each week. 

This part will:
  • Teach you how to plan all your meals and snacks for the week in 5-10 minutes
  • Gives you your time back and confidence in being able to feed your kids without getting into a rut
  • Include templates for grocery lists, weekly meal plan, and lists of ideas for snacks, breakfast and pantry staples.
  • Includes access to a bank of recipes

part two: the meal planning system

You’ve learned how to do it all on your own, but the weekly meal plan is so that you don’t HAVE to do it ALL on your own. Being a single mama is hard enough!

Here’s what you’ll get with Single Mom Meal Prep - The Weekly:

✔️ 3 Dinner ideas
✔️ Breakfast idea
✔️ Snack idea
✔️ Grocery list for the meals linked
✔️ Every other week will include a transition day meal (when you get your kids back) and one meal for feeding yourself on your kid-free time

the main reason we are here:

 the weekly meal plan

the nitty gritty details

- Jenn h.

"linda makes me feel like i can do anything"

word on the street

Sometimes the meals I share will include those elements, but I do not follow any specific eating pattern. If you have specific dietary needs, this *might* not be the best fit for you, but you can still totally benefit from the crowd sourced recipes, and the freezer meal prep system!  

Does it meet any dietary restrictions (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc?)

If you’re on the fence, monthly may be a better fit for you! But the yearly option gives you 2 months free (and is less than a trip to Target!), and I love a good deal for my budget!

Should I do the monthly or yearly option?

Sure can!

Can I cancel at any time?

Everyone has a different family life. This gives you flexibility to build in meals that you personally love, dinners with friends, take-out, or anything else that may come up in the week. I’m all about flexibility, not rigidity. 

Why not ALL the meals each week?



No! Though I'll be speaking to some of the specific challenges that single moms face, any human who feels they can benefit from this (the weekly meal plan + freezer meal prep) can absolutely join! All are welcome here :) 

Do I need to be a single mom?

Checklists for quarterly freezer meal prep ($15 value)

Bonus #2

Printable planning templates for grocery list and meal plan ($20 value)

Bonus #1

Meal plans sent to you every week AND EXTRAS?! Yep, there’s more inside! 


List of what I always have on hand in my pantry ($5 Value)

Bonus #3

Comprehensive list of my favorite breakfast and snack ideas for you to pull from ($10 value)

Bonus #4

Total value of bonuses +
weekly meal plan ($80/month value) :

But you get to have it all for only $10 a month! As a single mama, I know how tight finances can be, and I also know how important this resource is for your day-to-day routines. My goal is to keep this as affordable + valuable as possible!



2 months free




the investment

let's do this

Sign up for the monthly or yearly subscription (two months free) and you’ll get immediate access to the online community with a bank of recipes and the weekly meal plan emails will start the first Friday after you join! 

$10/month or $100 for 12 months

The freezer meal system
The meal planning system
Weekly email with 3 dinners, breakfast + snack
Templates + printables for groceries and meal planning
A full bank of recipes to pull from

in summary, here's what you'll get

Let's recap

✨ I run on water, chips + salsa, mint milano cookies, vanilla chai and a whole lotta Jesus.
✨ One of my biggest frustrations is cutting open an avocado and realizing I got to it too late.
✨ I’m a Hufflepuff, but wish I was a Gryffindor - I want to be Hermione Granger’s best friend.
✨Texting using GIFs is my jam.
✨I’m obsessed with reading books and am always reading at least 2 books at a time.
✨ I’m turning into a plant lady, and can’t stop buying plants.

I became a single mom when I was pregnant with my second child. So, I know all the realities of being a single mama to one or multiple children. I really had to figure out systems to make my life as streamlined and efficient as possible. But I also didn’t want to blow my budget buying take-out any time I felt too tired or overwhelmed to cook dinner. I also wanted to have meals that I knew my kids would enjoy! Now I get to share everything I’ve learned and fine-tuned with you and I’m STOKED to be helping other mamas in this way!!! 

I’m Linda - a single mama to two little humans that I can’t get enough of.

hey mama!